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Our Skoolie Was Featured in Travel+Leisure!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Y'all! We're famous! Our little Skoolie was featured in TRAVEL+LEISURE!

Stacey Leasca, journalist and travel blogger, was our guest recently and she wrote about her stay in our converted school bus cabin in Mountain View, Arkansas.

She calls Skoolie "a glamping destination that gives any luxury hotel a run for its money." Aww shucks. I'm (nearly) speechless. She also said it "feels more like a Bali or Venice Beach bungalow than a woodland spot." Seriously, stop it! Skoolie's blushing.

The introvert in me is hiding in the bushes. The business woman and lover of the Ozarks in me is doing a lil' jig.

Both of us are feeling pretty excited!


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